We believe in transparency, therefore, unlike many other medical professionals, we are posting our prices online. We understand that for many people, especially those who are not regular patients of chiropractic care, there is often a mistrust of the chiropractic field of medicine. Some of this mistrust is often related to how they as patients are charged, frequently being asked to go with a “payment plan” that involves paying large amounts up front for future treatments. If there is already some mistrust of a doctor (or at the very least a lack of relationship with one), this can feel like you are being forced into a sort of commitment that you may not be comfortable with yet.

Overview of Fees
Initial exams: 
Office Adjustment: $45

Currently our practice is not accepting insurance because we think we can provide quality care at affordable prices (not much more than many peoples’ co-pays) without increasing our overhead with a billing specialist and/or special billing software. The reality is that accepting insurance requires more work and resources on our part with a lower payout, therefore our fees would have to increase. We are able to give you a “Superbill” which you are then able to easily submit to your insurance company. Of course, as our business grows and changes we may need to adjust our prices over time, but with having them posted you will always be the first to know.

We now accept credit cards.
Cash/check price is still $45 for follow up office visits .
Credit Cards will be $46.